Home Dyer Essentials Kit

To save you the trouble of doing a bunch of shopping, I've put together an Essentials Kit, with everything you'll need for the Become a Home Natural Dyer Workshop.

As part of the Workshop, I'll share where to buy more supplies and how to ensure you're getting a good deal on quality materials.

Included in the Dyer's Essentials Kit:

a piece of 100% silk Habotai for test pieces

A special marking pen

Alum (KAlSO4

Oak Gall Tannin


Soda Ash

Course Enrollment starts April 1st - no foolin'!

Workshop starts Earth Day, April 22nd, with a live online meeting to kick off the course.

Get first dibs and priority pricing when you Join the email list!

PS: Check out my website's new section - Featuring Natural Materials! This section is live now, and includes Workshop Materials! I'll be adding more to it as I get things photographed. Stay tuned.

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